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Just dropped off our auction basket at the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce.


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We will see everyone Saturday night!

I have always loved Googles Photosphere but never made a small planet from a photosphere. These two images are my first and I think I got lucky.


Since it was founded in 1850, Waxahachie has been an important agricultural, commercial, educational, retail and transportation center in North Texas. Waxahachie grew rapidly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mostly due to the prosperous cotton industry. Because of the success of Waxahachie’s early cotton barons, Ellis County quickly became the nation’s largest cotton-producing county during the early 1900s. Cotton played a very important role in the early development of Waxahachie, and as a result, many cotton related industries, including one of the state’s first textile mills, was established in the town.

Copied From Waxahachie Texas Website. Read more from the Waxahachie website.




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